Saturday, 9 June 2012


Some times you don't want to confront hardships of life head on. you want to be free to do as per your wish to conquer them by simply ignoring them. Tired of being dictated by earthly circumstances you want to walk on your own way or simply need a halt, but then for some of your near and dear one you have to stay in the deadly journey.....

जो आपको जोड़ता है दुनिया से
जो आपको चलना सिखाता है
जो आपको रुकने देता ही नहीं ;
झकझोर कर उठा देता है
जब भी आपको झपकी लगे ;
सहारा देता है आपको
जब भी आप थक जाओ
ताकि आप चलते रह सको ।

Images : courtsy google
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